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Clean Water
Clean Water
Obtaining clean water for daily use is one of the most serious problems in Nepal
Community Development
Community Development
Smokeless Stoves eliminate illnesses caused by open fire cooking in the house.
Give Hope
Give Hope
Over 95% of the contributions to
Nepal Hope go directly to the projects

Earthquake Relief: We are focusing our earthquake relief in rebuilding houses in remote villages. There is still so much earthquake destruction and so few of the thousands of homes destroyed have been rebuilt. Your help is needed!

95% of your tax-deductible donation will be used on relief as our administrative costs are very low.
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The Dhuseni school (see right) served as shelter for earthquake victims in the area.

The Dhuseni school is beautiful perched atop a plateau. Each individual granite stone was carved by hand by men, women, and boys. They helped in every way possible and today it stands completed and is being used by over 500 students.
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In Nepal poverty governs life. Villagers subsist from meal to meal, their water makes them ill, and "lights out" is whenever the sun goes down. Government education makes barley a dent in illiteracy. Read More....

The Story of Nepal Hope
Nepal Hope, a public charity, was established by Sam and Lynne Topham after doing humanitarian work for LDS Charities in Nepal for 21/2 years. And you can buy cheap replica handbags online. Read the rest of our story here....

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