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The Dhuseni School
Granted, it took a long time to build; two years in fact. The Dhuseni school is beautiful perched atop a plateau looking down over two sides that drop a 1000 feet into the valley below and mountains that rise up on all sides. Each individual granite stone was carved by hand by old men and women, young men and boys. They helped in every way possible and today it stands completed and is being used by 550 students. It’s shinning windows, blue interior, slate floors and false ceilings stand as a monument to the people of Dhuseni, who worked harder than we believed a village could work. How did it happen: good leadership by Damodar Adhikari, good people, both workers and supporters, children who checked on it daily as they walked to and from their old school, a 104 year old man who climbed down the mountain every day to note it’s progress and precious people who put us up in their homes whenever we came for inspection. They were simply determined. At the inauguration more than 2,500 people from villages scattered across the mountainsides were present, coming when they heard the call of the massive elephant horns blow across the valleys announcing it was time. They came with umbrellas held aloft against the hot sun.
The Dhuseni School

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Children danced, leaders spoke and people celebrated as the head of the Nepal Planning Commission gave the keynote address. Strings of flags flew overhead. It was festive and hot. Bishnu Adhikari, our engineer, invaluable collaborater and head of Choice Humanitarian, was there to receive his well earned honors along with his staff. After two years we soaked it all in, amazed at what had been accomplished. The best school in the entire district stood behind us, doors wide open and waiting. For Nepal Hope it was a day of culmination, of joy and pride in a group of people we have come to love. Praise to all those who worked on this school and provided funds for its completion.
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