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Prerana Womans School
Prerana Women's School is unique in Nepal, yet still recognized by the Government. It is designed for all illiterate women from ages 18 to 90 who want to become literate and educated. Not only are these women taught how to read, but they are provided a complete high school education and are able to obtain their SLC (high school diploma). Some hail from distant villages, others are the wives of prominent businessmen. Some are young, some incredibly poor, and some are grandmothers. But all wish to become educated.

The school began with 20 students from varying castes, (which is unique in itself). When we were first introduced to Prerana there were 250 students. By the time we left Nepal a year later there were 600 students. This speaks for the need of such an institution. The wealthier students pay a set fee, and this also covers some who can not pay at all. There are many donations which support students so in reality none are turned away: therefore, even poverty stricken villagers, the poorest of the poor, may take advantage of this opportunity they offer all the basic courses 6 days a week, which are taught by trained teachers who volunteer their time and seek no remuneration.
Library at Prerana Women's School

Nepal Hope has provided white boards, textbooks and many scientific models for their studies. What they did not have was a central library to increase their reading skills in both Nepali and English. For this purpose Nepal Hope established a small lending library for Prerana students only. It is located on the ground floor at a central spot in the facility. Gradually the students are being taught how to use a library, be responsible for the books and to do research papers.
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