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Nepal is a small country-about the size of Arkansas-located in Southern Asia between two very large countries, India and China, and thus is totally land locked. It is a very beautiful country with an extreme range in elevation, 230 ft near the India border to 29,035 ft at Mount Everest in the Himalaya mountain range on its north border.

The population is just over 27,675,000 and is 81% Hindu, 10% Buddhist, 4% Muslim. The last 5% is various other religions with about .2% Christian. The Nepalese are a warm, wonderful people but are heavily burdened with poverty and illiteracy. The average annual income is $200 per year and only 45% of the people are literate (only 27% of the women). This combined with a life expectancy of only 60 years, an infant mortality rate 10 times that of United States and an unemployment rate of 47% (reaching as high as 70% in some of the cities) makes daily life very difficult for most Nepali people. Even by the country's own standards, much lower than the United States, 42% of the people live below the poverty line making it one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.
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