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"Smokeless stoves" is an unlikely name, but the stoves themselves are invaluable. In many rural Nepal villages, nearly all of the homes have open cooking fires in the center of the hut around which the household activities take place. But……. no exit for the smoke was ever considered, thus most of day the houses fill with smoke which hovers around the ceilings and wafts slowly out from beneath the eaves. The number of deaths from disease caused by smoke inhalation deaths per year in 3rd world countries is more than that from AIDS world wide. The infant mortality rate due to smoked filled homes is extremely high and there is morbidity and death from burns in women. And of course pulmonary problems are ever present.

The solution is so simple. For less than $10.00 a piece, small adobe type stoves with matching chimneys can be added to these homes. They cook better, faster and spread the heat more evenly. They eliminate direct contact with the flames and direct all smoke immediately out of the house. Once introduced to them the women love them. They are easy to construct and the health benefits are remarkable. We have found this simple solution a real boon to Nepali villagers. Even 100 or more can be installed for such a negligible price at such benefit. We are sincerely interested in putting these stoves in many of the villages of Nepal.
Typical fire cooking in the house

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Computers for the Blind
Working with a government organization called the Disabled Relief Fund, a project caught our interest. It was not a major project but funds were needed to purchase a computer program that uses a voice instruction program, naming each letter or symbol and instructing the blind in the use of computers. A teacher, who works for the Disabled Relief Fund, although partially blind, was able to instruct the students. After a few weeks we visited the DRF campus and watched two of the students in action. They did very well, and were excited as the use of the computer would help them greatly with their school work as college students and also they would become more qualified for the job market. It is another avenue of freedom and capability for the blind.
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