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One of Nepal's most serious problems is that of contaminated drinking water. The rivers, ponds and many wells are cesspools that families draw from for their everyday needs, including cooking and drinking. Such diseases as typhoid, hepatitis, and morbid diarrhea often run rampant. Infant mortality rate is high. During the last 5 years We have been working with Nepal NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) building purification systems in the villages around Kathmandu. Though water is plentiful it is disastrous to the human physical system. With the help of local engineers, purification systems have been developed which can bring clean water into the villages that even we could drink.
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Washing dishes with contaminated water
Our first purification project was in a village called Tikathali just outside of Kathmandu. We found that at least one member of each family in the town was suffering from hepatitis. The village development committee (VDC) was so interested in this project they got a commitment from each family to pay 50 rupees per month (about 70 cents) so the system can be maintained and at least one person can be paid to control the water usage and maintain the system. They permitted humanitarian workers to come into the village and teach classes on hygiene and how to take care of the water to keep it clean while it is being used. One of the problems is having clean water then using dirty containers to transport it or letting animals drink from the containers. The men and women performed all of the unskilled labor needed under the direction of the engineers. Skilled labor and materials were provided for them. This project was extremely successful and is working well today. It has led to the establishment of similar systems in 12 other near-by villages. These systems now provide clean water for nearly 8000 people.
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